Dr. Adnan Akhunzada

Brief Profile:

With over 17 years of industry exposure in data and cybersecurity, Professor Adnan Akhunzada stands as a seasoned professional at the forefront of technological innovation. As the visionary founder of Prosanct Technologies AB, Sweden, he has cultivated extensive expertise in advising international companies on Research and Development (R&D), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cybersecurity strategies, boasting a portfolio of 100+ publications. Dr. Akhunzada’s pioneering patented cybersecurity and AI solutions have not only garnered recognition but have also secured multi-million-dollar projects for esteemed global entities such as Vinnova and EU Horizon. His distinguished contributions to the field have been acknowledged by Stanford University, positioning him among the top 2% scientists globally in 2023. With a wealth of expertise in developing cutting-edge security tools, techniques, and frameworks, Dr. Akhunzada remains dedicated to driving technological innovation. As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), he is committed to spearheading strategic initiatives that propel the company’s growth in the dynamic and ever-evolving domains of AI and cybersecurity.