Registration For Free Demo Class of Mern Stack Development

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July 14, 2023



Registration For Free Demo Class of Mern Stack Development
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Registration For Free Demo Class of Mern Stack Development

12 Weeks
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26 students

Course Overview

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What is the Target Audience?

  • ¬†Business’s managers, leaders
  • ¬†Downloadable lectures, code and design assets for all projects
  • ¬†Anyone who is finding a chance to get the promotion

Our Courses

  • Node. JS

    Master Node.js and build scalable web applications with our comprehensive and hands-on Node.js
    course. Enroll now for a rewarding learning experience!

  • Express. JS

    Learn to develop fast and efficient web applications with our Express.js course. Enhance your skills
    and create impressive web experiences.

  • MongoDB

    Unlock the power of MongoDB with our comprehensive course. Gain hands-on experience and become
    proficient in database management and development.

  • React JS

    Discover the world of React.js and build dynamic user interfaces with our immersive and practical
    React.js course. Start your journey today!

  • React Native

    Build cross-platform mobile apps with ease using React Native. Join our course to learn the
    fundamentals and unleash your app development potential.


  • Teaching Mode:
    We are happy to introduce Blended learning model in Pakistan as the world already shifted to this mode of teaching. Blended learning works by combining two things: eLearning and traditional learning. In Pakistan academies have pre-recorded lectures where students have no interaction with faculty. Our eLearning model is different from others. We have One-to-One interaction with our students because we teach by using Skype/MS Teams/Google Meet(no pre-recorded lectures). You feel like you are in real class.
  • 1) To attend the lecture you should have Laptop/Desktop.
  • 2) Should have Internet Connection.
  • 3) Mike to interact with faculty.
  • 4) Minimum Qualification should be FA/FSC.


  • Node. JS
  • Express. JS
  • MongoDB
  • React JS
  • React Native
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java Script

Target audiences

  • Duration: 3 MONTHS
  • Fee: 15,000/Month
  • Mode of Teaching: Online (Weekday's Lectures on MS Teams/Google Meat) + On-campus (On Weekends
  • Those who want to learn from experts while living in their comfort zone. Want to learn some skill in evening.

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  • Instructor : admin
  • Lectures :0
  • Duration :12 weeks
  • Enrolled :26 students
  • Language :English

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